People, TV News

Sean Hannity

Rachel Maddow

Chris Wallace

Morning Joe

John Stossel

Al Sharpton

Shepard Smith

Diane Sawyer

Dan Rather

George Stephanopoulos

Over-The-Air Broadcast News

ABC News

CBS News

NBC News

Today Show - Soft morning news program, like all the others on broadcast networks. I have seen some very good serious interviews and stories online.

News Radio

Rush Limbaugh

Pat Buchanan

Don Imus

Glenn Beck

Public TV & Radio

C-SPAN - Commercial-free video and radio coverage of the government. C-SPAN is a private, non-profit company, created in 1979. Their mission is to provide public access to the political process. C-SPAN receives no government funding; operations are funded by fees paid by cable and satellite affiliates who carry C-SPAN programming.

NPR - National Public Radio

PBS (Public Broadcast Systems) - Varies allot depending where you live. Not many political shows, but can be a good place for an independent point of view.